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a Scientific Mindset

We combine financial planning that evolves with your life, a tailored investment approach that’s built around your individual goals, and a client experience that keeps you educated and informed – all at a fair cost. That’s how we systematically remove stress from the process of managing your wealth.

The Theorem Wealth Method™

When you have a multitude of financial goals and priorities to manage, you can take comfort in knowing there is a structured process in place to control the controllable and adapt to the rest.

Part 1 - Your WhyPart 2 - Plan DesignPart 3 - Portfolio ConstructionPart 4 - ImplementationPart 5 - Ongoing Analysis


Bringing It All Together

With complexity comes stress, so we work towards a simpler financial picture by aligning all its components within one clear, holistic plan. We design each planning point with an awareness of broader strategies and considerations, and we coordinate with your other trusted professionals to help keep everything in sync.


We systematically remove stress from the investment process.

When you have focused strategies in place to address all potential sources of risk, from investor psychology to market volatility, you can focus on your own needs and goals rather than the day-to-day fluctuations in the market.

Specialized softwareStructured and ongoing managementEmphasizing financial efficiencyWe help you maintain ongoing clarityBehavioral coaching


Lasting Wealth for
a Fulfilling Retirement

Fear is unproductive – and for many, the fear of running out of money in retirement can prevent you from enjoying that phase of your life. That’s why we take a systematic approach to help you prepare financially and mentally for retirement.

Many of our pre-retired clients are engineers, professionals and corporate executives.
We guide them toward retirement with a platform that includes:

In order to align your retirement income with your projected lifestyle, we consider not only your investment income, but also your pension, savings, real estate and other income sources

For those in corporate roles, we help clarify and manage your deferred or equity compensation, corporate benefits and pension

For incorporated professionals, we implement thorough risk management strategies including liability insurance and practice succession planning

We prioritize risk management, tax efficiency and wealth preservation to help improve the longevity of your wealth

Our independence enables us to seek out the right solutions and providers for your individual needs

Johnathan Rankin and Melissa Rankin talking with clients

"We’re not here to make promises or predictions, we’re here to be a voice of reason with respect to your investments. Our advice tends to have a calming effect and helps take emotion out of the equation."

Johnathan Rankin CRPC®
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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