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Theorem aka The Optimal Retirement & Estate Management has a simple mission – design personalized retirement plans, investment strategies and client experiences that help remove the stress caused by financial management. Wealth Planning is a comprehensive look at every aspect of your financial life. It is an evidence-based approach to develop a financial strategy to help you achieve your financial goals.
How do I balance today's needs with my long-term goals?
How can I feel more confident with my finances?
How should I prioritize my financial goals?
Where should I start when building a financial plan?
How should I be saving?
How should I adjust my financial plan as things change in my life?
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Our Approach
First, we'll take the time to get a comprehensive understanding of your assets, liabilities, investments, cash flow and other details of your financial life. Then, we will do the same with your financial goals. We want to understand your values, your ambitions and the true purpose of your money. Together, we will build a strategic wealth plan that will be the foundation for achieving your financial goals. This is a process, not a transaction. The most important part of building a wealth plan is consistently updating your plan. Your life will change, the markets will change and so should your wealth plan.
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