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Theorem aka The Optimal Retirement & Estate Management has a simple mission – design personalized retirement plans, investment strategies and client experiences that help remove the stress caused by financial management.
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Planning for retirement is more than just saving and investing. Theorem’s advisors help you navigate all of the complexities that come with retirement planning so that you can achieve your ideal retirement.

Theorem aka The Optimal Retirement & Estate Management has a simple mission – design personalized retirement plans, investment strategies and client experiences that help remove the stress caused by financial management. Wealth Planning is a comprehensive look at every aspect of your financial life. It is an evidence-based approach to develop a financial strategy to help you achieve your financial goals.

Achieving full financial independence in retirement is a common goal among our clients and one that should be carefully planned for. This requires a well-rounded and adaptable strategy that integrates all aspects of your personal and financial needs to ensure a comfortable retirement lifestyle. Our extensive advice and services extend beyond your retirement day, delivering long-term value to help you reach your goals.

Creating an estate plan is more than just wealth transfer or tax optimization; it encompasses your values, family, legacy, and the potential for positive change. By addressing the unique financial needs of each generation, we help maximize your impact both now and in the future.

We understand the importance of offering comprehensive retirement solutions to business owners and their employees. We offer tailored employee retirement services to help companies attract and retain top talent, while ensuring the financial security of their employees. Our team of experts works closely with business owners to design and implement customized retirement plans, taking into consideration their unique goals and company culture. Whether it's a 401(k) plan, a profit-sharing plan, or another type of retirement plan, we help our clients find the best options for their employees, while keeping administrative burdens low and compliance with regulations in check. With our support, business owners can have peace of mind that they're providing their employees with a secure future while also positioning their business for success.

At Theorem Wealth Management, we understand the importance of accurately determining the value of your business for your future planning. As a trusted partner, we offer a range of Business Solutions, including professional business valuations, effective succession planning strategies, and methods to increase the value of your enterprise. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate with your personal wealth management plan or serve as an independent resource to help you achieve your goals

Planning for the cost of higher education is crucial in order to effectively manage or minimize student debt. However, navigating this process can be challenging as the cost of college is constantly changing. By developing a well-considered plan for funding college and understanding the most advantageous strategies, you can achieve a quality education without overspending or taking on excessive debt.

Having a solid healthcare expense plan and the right insurance coverage is essential for protecting your personal and financial well-being. Our expertise helps simplify the complexities of Medicare and Health Savings Accounts (HSA), and we work with you to determine your specific insurance needs. By having a strategic approach to healthcare, you can have peace of mind and feel confident even in the face of the unexpected

Having a family office can be a great way to manage wealth, increase control over finances, and address various family needs. However, each family is unique and may require different types of support. Our partnership with mFORCE Capital helps us provide tailored family office services, offering a comprehensive solution that covers a range of financial and lifestyle needs. Our services include administrative support, investment management, and personalized concierge services that cater to your family's goals and objectives. With our expertise in human capital and coordination skills, we strive to help families navigate both the challenges and opportunities that come with balancing family and financial dynamics.

Developing and keeping track of your investment plan is crucial for your financial health. Our approach to constructing investment portfolios is focused on ensuring that they align with your goals, balancing risk and return. Our priority is not simply to maximizing returns, but rather creating a portfolio that gives you the best chance of achieving your goals. To achieve this, we utilize a research-based investment methodology leveraging some of the best institutions and minds on Wall Street.

Comprehensive Wealth Services
The end goal might be a comfortable retirement, but to get there requires more than stocks and bonds. For every part of your life that involves money, we’ll have a perspective. – each of the below will link to landing page for each service
Wealth Planning
An ongoing process that updates as your life changes. Taking an expansive approach to financial planning that focuses on every aspect of your financial life.
Retirement Planning
A comfortable retirement is a collection of smart financial decisions and careful planning. We diligently plan all aspects of your financial future to help you achieve your desired lifestyle.
Investment Planning
Maximizing the assets you've worked so hard to attain with customized, data-driven investing strategies.
Estate & Trust Planning
Helping you leave a legacy for the people and causes that matter most to you.
Family Office Services
Helping you address and resolve the complex, intricate issues that often accompany significant wealth and impact families across generations.
Employee Retirement Services
From plan design to investment advice, ERISA compliance and participant engagement, we provide the opportunity for your employees to have a financially secure retirement.
Education Planning
Planning for your families educational experience that best fits within your long-term financial plan.
Health and Insurance Planning
Protect your family and your wealth with customized coverage.
Business Owner Strategies
From retirement plans to exit strategies, we help make the most of your business.

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